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Our services

Our Services

Genesis Horticultural Solutions offer a range of training and consulting services for the commercial horticultural sector. We are available to help you optimism your current business, develop and expand your existing enterprise and staffing skill levels, or plan for future training needs.
Priva End User Training

Our staff are able to deliver training at your property either by being onsite, or remotely via applications such as 'Team Viewer'. A range of training opportunities are available for the new user up to the experienced operator. Our training programs will allow you to gain a better understanding of what can be achieved with your Priva system, and ultimately enhance your profits.

Priva System End User Accreditation

Whilst Priva systems are widely used within the industry, until now there has been no 'benchmark' to evaluate either personal competence or that of employees. Genesis staff have been working jointly with Priva NL in developing an accreditation process that now allows individuals to evaluate their skill level with Priva systems.


This system is now 'live' and combines with the Priva Academy to provide initial online training followed by training and assessment by Genesis staff. This training can be conducted onsite or remotely.


End users can now undertake training in Priva basic control, and Level 1 Heating, Ventilation and Irrigation for either Connect, Compact or Compass systems.


Secialised training such as our Soft fruit course (i500 and moisture balance), is also available.


Advanced levels of irrigation and heating and ventilation (Level 2) are now available, along with energy, lighting, humidification, curtains and CO2 control.


We are able to taylor training to specific end user needs.

Generic Horticultural Training Programs

Our training team are experienced in delivering a wide range of courses on horticultural topics that can be designed to meet your specific needs.


Training can either be tailored to specific enterprise requirements, or based against Nationally Accredited Competencies. Our training programs can be delivered to small or large groups to maximize your training investment.

Climate Advisory Service

As a grower you have a clear idea about growing your crop and what climate it needs. But many growers find difficulty translating crop strategy to control strategy, and this is quite often down to a lack of time.


Our climate advisory service will allow you to get the best out of your process computer and thus from your glasshouse climate. Tuning the greenhouse control parameters will give you better crop growth and ultimately higher yields.


The climate advice service is not a replacement for your current crop advisor / consultant, but a ‘fine tuning’ of your control system that allows you, the grower, to gain a better and more accurate understanding of how you can manipulate your climate for optimum crop production.

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