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Developing India-Australian Collaboration Towards a Horticulture Centre of Excellence













Each year the Australia-India Council (AIC) awards grants to projects that build awareness and deepen understanding between Australia and India, further promoting stronger connections between the two countries.

The interest in gaining a grant was extremely strong, and in 2019, Genesis Horticultural Solutions were among the 11 successful grant recipients for projects which will build new innovative linkages and provide sustainable collaborations between Australia and India.

The project was undertaken between the 3rd and 14th of November 2019, and this saw Genesis Horticultural Solutions working to identify suitable personnel to create a collaborative team of horticulture specialists, suppliers and educators/trainers in stage one to develop the foundations for a commercially viable Australian Horticulture Centre of Excellence in India. The intent of the project being to provide training and train-the-trainer services – beginning with hydroponic and protected crop growing for the commercial vegetable industry.

The project unearthed a number of issues that are impacting the Indian Horticultural market, and the project team travelled to four major centres - Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi to conduct their research. 

This has ultimately led to the identification of four working groups who are keen to work towards a concept of developing a 'virtual' centre of excellence  that would also utilise existing locations and facilities.

The Genesis team are also undertaking a program of guidance for the Indian industry towards the correct level of technology to assist Indian growers to become more efficient and productive.

Full details of the activity and findings of the project team are contained in the report below.

At this stage it is anticipated that the project team led by Genesis Director Tony Bundock, and former President of the Australia India Business Council Victoria - Stephen Manallack will be returning to India in 2020 to take the project forward,

For further details, please contact:-

Tony Bundock –

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