Defeating the impact of Corona Virus 

Owing to the impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and associated travel restrictions  - Genesis Horticultural Solutions have been forced to suspended all face to face onsite training programs until further notice.

However, we are still able to offer training via platforms such as "Zoom" and 'Teamviewer' to clients across Australia and Internationally.


In addition to this, we are currently ramping up our 'on-line' training platform and hope to have this operational in the next two weeks. This will provide guided tutorials in the use of the Priva system, starting with new end users and progressively increasing the resources available to higher end users.












If you are interested in participating in remote or online training at your location, please contact Tony on 0409 007 610 or via email at:-

Professional services

Genesis Horticultural Solutions primarily offer specialized training and end user accreditation for the commercial horticultural vegetable and berry industries in the use of Priva Connext, Integro, Compact, Maximizer and Compass climate and irrigation controllers.


In addition to this, our qualified trainers are able to offer training in a wide range of horticultural topics to further develop the skills and understanding of your staff members, and students entering the industry.


We also offer a climate advisory service to enable growers to obtain the maximum benefits from their controlled environments and irrigation systems, as well as advice on the use of LED lighting.

Whatever your needs, we can provide a solution to assist you.

Training Opportunities


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Genesis News 


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International Projects


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Our Services

Bringing innovative solutions based on existing technology into the commercial horticulture sector; we partner with our clients to develop their skills and abilities to further utilize their capacity as growers with  solutions for sustainable food production systems.


Our training programs reflect strong growing principles via the use of technology, are commercially-focused and align with industry best practice.


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