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Genesis Horticultural Solutions are proud to present a flexible blended online training platform for our customers.


Our blended online training courses have been designed to provide new Priva End Users with a flexible solution to gain knowledge and skills around the related theories and practices in using a Priva Climate and Irrigation process computer.

The starting point of this training is the Priva Basic course which covers the various sensors and hardware associated with a climate management system, and then leads the learner into features and navigation of Priva Office.

The course highlights how to set up basic strategies and is supplemented with videos showing live use of Priva office. 

An integral part of our blended learning courses is the one on one training component, where participants interact with our trainers and also utilise our Priva Connext simulator, providing 'live' experience in the use of a Priva Connext system.

On completion of the course, a certificate of completion is issued. Following training, end users can choose to undertake a formal assessment which requires them to display competence to one of our trainers via the use of a remotely accessed 'live' Priva system.


Upon displaying competence to the assessor, the end user will receive a certificate of competence for the topic area.

The full online program offers training in the following topic areas.

Priva Basic 

Priva Irrigation - Level 1 


Priva Heating and Pipe Strategy - Level 1 

Priva Ventilation and Vent Strategy - Level 1 

Priva Curtain Strategy - Level 1 

Priva Humidification Strategy - Level 1


The Priva Basic course can be undertaken as an individual fee for service course.

The remaining Priva Level 1 courses are offered as a suite of courses under a subscription model. A reduction from the full cost of the courses is offered for individuals who have previously only subscribed to the Priva Basic course.  


If you are interested in participating in online training opportunities and pricing, please submit your details below and we will contact you directly.

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